Pantene Benefits From A.S. Watson’s Global Data Insights
A.S. Watson celebrates successful collaborations with world’s top beauty brands

A.S. Watson (“ASW“), the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer, partnered with Procter & Gamble (P&G), one of its long-term global strategic partners, to deliver strategies for product launches that address their objectives through its global customer base, data insights, digital tools, resources and expertise.

Collaborating on a product launch which addresses a consumer need

ASW supported P&G with the launch of its Pantene Gold Series exclusively in Superdrug in the UK, as a part of its Shades of Beauty campaign to deliver beauty products for women of colour. ASW and P&G jointly delivered a tailored plan supported by geo-targeting, built using customer insights from the Big Data programme, which identified the right locations with target customers. The plan also utilised Superdrug’s Health & Beauty card, with emails sent to loyalty members in the target groups. Leveraging its breadth of stores, customer data and market insights, ASW offered insights and helped the brand to grow presence in the new market.

Since the exclusive launch of Pantene Gold in first half of 2018, Superdrug is now the number one retailer in Black and Asian haircare in the UK.

Malina Ngai, Group Chief Operating Officer at A.S. Watson Group, said: “Our forward-thinking approach and access to new technologies and data allows us to talk directly to over 130 million loyal customers across the globe. This coupled with the expertise of our global retail brands and allows us to work collaboratively with business partners to maximise opportunities and give our customers the products they want. This tailored approach has already seen dividends for our strategic partners and our customers and we look forward to launching more examples of innovative collaborations.”

Layal Ammar, Pantene European Brand Director, said: “The Pantene Gold Series collection reflects years of research and in-depth analysis to develop the ingredients needed for different hair types. We were delighted to partner with Superdrug to bring it to the UK as the first European market for Pantene.”