Watsons Loyalty Programme Goes International
Greater Bay Area Becomes Asia’s First Region to Enjoy “Watsons One Pass©”

key banner 01 300x107 Watsons Loyalty Programme Goes International <br>Greater Bay Area Becomes Asia’s First Region to Enjoy “Watsons One Pass©”

According to a large-scale consumer survey* conducted with 14,000 consumers in 7 Asian regions, the frequency of Asian traveling to other Asian countries every year is 1.7 times on average. Among all, Hong Kong people travel 2.2 times yearly, ranking second across Asia and are preceded only by Singaporean, who travel 2.7 times per year. Hong Kong is not only one of the hottest traveling destinations in Asia but also the most popular tourist hotspot among thousands of customers in the Greater Bay Area, 70% of which choose Hong Kong as their favourite traveling hotspot.

To provide more excitements to customers when they travel to major Asian markets, customer’s home market membership will be automatically upgraded to “Watsons One Pass©”, allowing them to also enjoy member benefits when they shop overseas in Watsons. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (the Greater Bay Area) will be the first region to activate “Watsons One Pass©” benefits, loyalty club members in the Greater Bay Area can simply enjoy the amazing local member offers using one membership card. Watsons Hong Kong members showing MoneyBack card or mobile app can enjoy the same offer.

Borderless Benefits with Watsons One Pass
A.S. Watson Group is currently operating Watsons stores in all 11 cities in the Greater Bay Area, “Watsons One Pass©” will first launch in over 660 Watsons stores in the region, and is planning to expand to other Asian markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia in the coming future, offering quality service and attractive offer to more loyalty club members.

Malina Ngai, Group Chief Operating Officer of A.S. Watson Group, is excited about the emerging opportunities brought by the Greater Bay Area, “Watsons has been the No.1 Pharmacy/ Drugstore brand in Asia for 10th consecutive years with over 90 million of loyalty club members, and majority of them are frequent travellers. Watsons operates in many popular travel destinations worldwide, and our customers also tell us that they would like to shop in Watsons overseas. Therefore, in order to bring more excitements to our members, it is logical our loyalty programme goes international.

“With the increasing activities in the Greater Bay Area, we are excited to switch on “Watsons One Pass© ” first to all Greater Bay Area members.”
Infographic GBA Eng 182x300 Watsons Loyalty Programme Goes International <br>Greater Bay Area Becomes Asia’s First Region to Enjoy “Watsons One Pass©”