Watsons World Cup Promotion keeps men in top condition for football frenzy

Friday June 9th, 2006

marks the kick off of the world's biggest quadrennial football event, the FIFA World Cup 2006? in Germany. With the World Cup expected to dominate the attention of football fans in Hong Kong, most of whom are men, local women are predicting that the upcoming frenzy of football will have a negative affect on the appearance of their husbands and boyfriends.
To help keep Hong Kong men in the best condition throughout the tournament, Watsons is introducing a special World class football promotion with incredible discounts of up to 60% on over 1,000 products and redemption items worth up to $499. The total offers to customers are worth nearly 10 million. The promotion will run from today's kick-off of the World Cup through the end of this month.

Anticipating the effect of the World Cup on local couples, Watsons surveyed over 600 women in May 2006. The results indicate that nearly 70% of local women expect all of the late night football viewing during the coming months to have a negative affect on the appearance of their husbands and boyfriends. Amongst the most frequently cited grooming problems expected by local women are excessive oil on skin (31%), eye bags, dark circles and dry lines (24%), pimples, acnes, blackheads, dark spots and large pores (24%) and dryness and dullness of skin (14%).

Also, 61% of females surveyed indicated that they will take the initiative to actively help their husbands or boyfriends maintain good grooming during the World Cup with 90% of these women saying they will help their husbands or boyfriends maintain personal grooming through a variety of skincare techniques. More than 35% of the women surveyed indicated that they will shop for men's grooming products for their husbands or boyfriends during the World Cup to help care for their health and appearance.

In terms of how they will solve those grooming problems for their partners, 25% of interviewees indicated they will purchase skincare products for their partner, 32% indicated they will help their partner apply facial mask whilst 33% indicated they would urge their partner to shave and wash their face with cleansers and other skincare products. Over 18% of the women surveyed indicated they would even perform skincare treatments on their partners while watching the football matches together.

Over 70% of females expect their other halves to do the following during the World Cup, including trying their best to keep their face clean (25%) and maintaining their skin in the best condition (18%). On top of this, 37% of females indicated that the most charismatic males should have sun tanned skin and be properly shaved, whilst 40% of interviewees believe the most charismatic males should smell good, and have no acne, coloured pigments or excessively oily or dry skin. The survey results reflect that males are in a precarious situation during the World Cup when they may be unable to meet the expectations of their wives or girlfriends, as close to a one-fourth of the subjects' partners are not willing to use skincare products.

Simon Mak, Merchandise Controller of Watsons Your Personal Store commented on the promotion saying, "Over 60% of our customers are females and many of them regularly purchase skincare products for their husbands or boyfriends. While local men are increasingly conscious of their appearance and skin condition, as proven by our double digits sales growth in men's products, their fascination with the World Cup may prevent them from spending the usual effort on personal grooming. To cater for the needs of male football fans and the women who love them during the World Cup, we are discounting hundreds of products from our comprehensive men's personal care range."

Watsons is also adding its own excitement to the football fever in Hong Kong this summer with some colourful football related promotions including the "Most Charismatic World Cup Player" lucky draw campaign and the Watsons Soccer Player Magnet Redemption program, helping consumers enjoy a fun and valuable shopping experience during the World Cup.

From June 9th to July 9th, customers will be given a set of 24 World Cup star football players magnets with cash coupons for any purchase (including one recommended hot item) of HK$30 or above. Shoppers at Watsons can also vote in a lucky draw to win a $5,000 Watsons gift coupon by selecting three of the most charming players. Details of the magnet redemption and lucky draw are available at all the Watsons outlet in Hong Kong. "

In addition to the lucky draw and magnet redemption, we are also introducing a series of World Cup related merchandise such as footballs, purses, socks, slippers, mugs and snacks. We expect an 15% increase in sales from this special new merchandise," added Mak.

On top of the exceptional shopping and redemption offers available in the Watsons World Cup promotion, Watsons Beauty Consultants will be on hand throughout the promotion period to provide shoppers with the best advice on men's skin and personal care needs.

Watsons is also celebrating Father's Day with a series of specially priced men's health and grooming products such as razors, lingzhi supplement, skincare gift sets and blood pressure monitors that make perfect gifts for dad. Watsons expects an 20% increase in sales from these products. For bath products which are on special promotion on bath as well in this period, they contributed up to 40% sales of this category.

With an all-star line-up of excellent product ranges featuring the latest brands, market leading professional services and contemporary shopping environments, Watsons is scoring big with football fans this summer with great values to help them look good, feel great and have fun!