AS Watson Group Established Scholarship Programme to Nurture Future Retail Talents

Tuesday June 4th, 2024

AS Watson Group announces its first collaboration with The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and has donated HKD1 million to establish a scholarship programme, recognising students who have outstanding performance in the areas of academics, extracurriculars, and leadership. The first AS Watson Scholarship Presentation Ceremony was successfully held, commending ten outstanding students and encouraging them to continue to develop their talents and become future leaders.

Dr. Malina Ngai, Group CEO of AS Watson Group delivered remarks at the scholarship presentation ceremony and said, “This new scholarship programme, created through the partnership between AS Watson Group and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, represents our shared commitment to empowering young people who are the future of our society.”

Ngai recalled that she had received scholarships in secondary school and university, so she deeply understood the profound importance of scholarships to young people, “These scholarships provided me not only with financial support, but also with the magical encouragement that boosted the confidence I needed to pursue my passion in life. The scholarships I received showed me that others believed in me and saw my own potential, even when I couldn't see it myself. I’m so grateful for these scholarships as they have motivated me to forge ahead, paving the way to my personal growth. The transformative power of scholarships gives young people like all of you the opportunity to dream big, reach your full potential, and realise your dreams.”

Professor Yang Wang, Vice President for Institutional Advancement of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology expressed his gratitude to AS Watson Group for the support, “The University is committed to supporting students’ growth by creating an environment that empowers and encourages our students to unleash their full potential. We are pleased to work together with AS Watson Group, a company that is passionate about students’ holistic development. We look forward to build and develop a diverse and vibrant student population of varied excellence.”

Providing Practical Experience for Future Retail Talents
In addition to the scholarship, the collaboration will cover a variety of opportunities for students, including internship for students from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Students will be offered two to three months of work experience across different departments within the company. This not only helps them deepen their understanding of the retail operations, but also enables them to put their academic knowledge into practice and broaden their professional horizons.

During the internship, students have the opportunity to participate in AS Watson Group’s business projects in Hong Kong and overseas. This allows them to explore their interests, develop their strengths, and hone their problem-solving and collaboration skills, which can enhance students' competitiveness in the future workplace. In addition, AS Watson Group also provides career planning mentors to inspire students to plan and prepare for their own career development.

Ngai said, “Developing young people is a priority for AS Watson Group. We’ve committed to providing 200,000 job opportunities and 5 million hours of training for young people globally by 2030. The collaboration aims to provide students with more hands-on experience, enabling them to apply classroom knowledge and theories to the ever-changing business environment and gain valuable work experience. The Group sets O+O (Offline plus Online) as the new retail standard. This brings diversified O+O learning opportunities to students of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, nurturing them into future retail leaders.”