At AS Watson DataLab, our mission is to unlock the potential of data through experiment and continuous learning. We strive to develop innovative and practical AI solutions that empower the Group to gain valuable data-driven insights.

We are committed to fostering a culture of a data-driven mindset and promoting effective data storytelling within the Group. By doing so, we enable individuals to effectively communicate insights and inspire them to make data-informed decisions, contributing to continuous business growth and paving the way for our long-term success.

Our strategic functions include:

Artificial Intelligence: Leveraging advanced analytics and AI techniques to extract insights from data, creating innovative solutions that drive informed decision-making and optimise processes.

Business Intelligence: Transforming complex data into visually compelling dashboards, empowering users with self-service analytics capabilities for making quick, informed, and individualised decisions.

Customer Intelligence: Acting as an internal agency for the Group, utilising our extensive base of loyalty members to develop valuable customer insights and execute customer strategies for enhanced shopper experiences.

Decision Intelligence: Serving as the driving force behind our Group's strategic alignment and implementation, ensuring business decisions align with the Group's strategic directions and comply with relevant polices and standards.

What are we looking for?

DataLab is an outstanding workplace that embraces diversity and fosters innovation. We celebrate success and create an environment where energetic and fun-loving professionals thrive. If you are passionate about data, enjoy working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, we would love to hear from you.

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