Customer Intelligence & Loyalty

The A.S. Watson DataLab & WISE teams jointly act as an in-house agency, developing customer insights from our over 153 million loyalty members across 28 markets.

Who are we?

The DataLab, established in 2010, is part of the Group’s customer intelligence team, bringing together data analysts & scientists, commercial experts and campaign development professionals from around the world. With extensive expertise in data mining, modelling and commercial application, we pride ourselves with being the experts in data, customer insights and analytics. Our objective is to use data science to deliver customer intelligence that strengthens members’ loyalty, improves our levels of personalisation, and drive sales through CRM actions. In close collaboration with our business units, the DataLab team also plays an important role in developing and executing the customer strategy, as well as acting as an in-house agency for the delivery of members’ related reports and analytics.

WISE, which stands for Watson Insights on Shoppers Experience, is the research division of A.S. Watson Group.  The team was established in 2015 to complement with our CRM transactional data, so as to create better customer attitudinal understanding. By ongoing conversations with over 153 million loyalty members, WISE focuses on developing customer insights in beauty care, personal care, health and wellbeing in order to help the Group and our Business Units in better understanding and meeting the needs of today’s customers.

Both teams always put the customer at the centre of all our analyses, insights and recommendations. Together, our goal is to ensure that all members activities and customer insights generated across all business units will deliver a personalised, relevant and engaging customer experience, and enhance our retailing decisions.

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What are we looking for?

If you are curious about customers, passionate about data, and eager to solve real-life business problems, we would be thrilled to have you join our team. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our customers and drive transformative results.