eLab was established in early 2015 as a centralised in-house digital team to offer global support to the Group’s eCommerce business, and to enhance our presence on digital channels across the globe.

Where are we?

With offices in key hubs in Asia and Europe including Hong Kong, London and Milan, eLab is a rapidly expanding team to support the group’s businesses units across the markets, providing customised digital strategy planning, solutions and consultation, web and mobile development, design and platform development, ultimately, building stronger engagement and relationship with customers digitally, as well as capturing business opportunities in the rapidly growing online shopping space.

*If you are looking for opportunities, please visit our dedicated Careers website.

What are we looking for?

We value longer-term partnerships rather than one-off project. We are looking for talents across design, marketing, content, eCommerce and UX, and those who can demonstrate passion in consumer experience online, with the energy to make things happen with speed.

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